Directional 4G LTE Antenna (YAGI)


Maximize your camera's 4G cellular reception with this Long Range Directional Antenna. 15 feet of quad-shield co-ax cable allows the antenna to be mounted well above camera height. Worried about visibility? No worries - camouflaging the antenna will not affect its functionality (flat-colored spray paint recommended).

  • Directional 4G LTE Long Range Antenna
  • Includes 15 feet of quad-shield co-ax cable
  • Frequency: 698 - 2700 Mhz
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Gain dB: 20
  • Connector: SMA-J 90 Degree

*Antenna should be mounted 90 degrees in relation to pipe or pole.

**U-bolts on base plate are designed to fit 2" pipe.

NOTE: If your camera is 3G-only, or your Lookout is only able to pick up 3G on AT&T, we cannot guarantee this antenna will boost your signal. 

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