Ridgetec Outdoors

External Battery Kit


This kit provides an external power solution for the Lookout line of cameras.  The kit includes the following:

  • Waterproof battery enclosure (ip67 rated)
  • Pre-cut foam to accept and firmly hold batteries
  • Support for single Sealed Lead Acid battery and fused cable
  • Support for double Sealed Lead Acid battery and fused cable
  • 12 foot (3 meter) Camera Power Cable
  • The battery case is lockable with padlock or python locking cable
  • Battery not included

This kit is the same battery enclosure used in our Solar kit and is upgradable to solar at any time in the future by ordering the Upgrade to Solar Kit (Panel, Controller, Bracket).

The kit supports the following standard SLA battery size (1 or 2).  Also any 12V battery that will fit in the enclosure is suitable actually so you can find a larger SLA or LiFePO4 battery if it fits and closes properly.

Important:  The Lookout camera will not accept voltages higher than around 13.8V.  Make sure that any battery used has a voltage that is under 14V.

WARNING: Hooking up the spade connectors to the battery incorrectly (reverse polarity) may permanently damage the camera.  Make sure and attach black cables to negative and red cables to positive terminals.


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