Solar Power Kit


This solar charging, external battery solution is designed to keep the Lookout series cameras running year round for complete hands off operation in the field. 

Included in this kit is the battery box with solar controller, a 10 watt solar panel, and a steel mounting bracket.  The kit also includes all cabling and fasteners needed to connect the system to a camera up to 12ft (3.7m) away (additional 12' extension cables also available on our store website).

The system uses a waterproof, lockable enclosure to warehouse a solar charge controller capable of handling up to 10 amps, and a sealed lead acid battery (battery not included).  The solar charge controller provides battery overcharge protection, night time discharge protection, as well as battery protection from over discharge, which provides optimal life for your sealed lead acid battery.  If the battery voltage drops below 10.7V, the controller will cut power to the camera; once the battery reaches 12V, the controller will reconnect the power to the camera (reconnect voltage is user-configurable).

The sealed lead acid battery required for use with this kit should have the approximate dimensions:

  • Length: 5.95 in (15cm)
  • Width: 2.56 in (6.5cm)
  • Height: 3.86 in (9.8cm)

* This is a commonly found sealed lead acid battery and can be found at many battery and hardware stores.  Generally batteries in this category range from 7 to 10 amp hour. 

** By default the solar charge controller settings are for a sealed lead acid battery type.  If you decide to use Lithium Ion batteries, then you will need to select a different battery type in the controller.  Refer to the controller documentation for changing the battery type at the link below:

Solar Controller Documentation

Note: We cannot guarantee this product will be compatible with other brands of cameras.

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